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Ugnė Pliasė

Vygandas Pliasas

Vygandas Pliasas

February 29, 2024

Fix Your eCommerce Product Discovery with Similar Products – Learn How

AI-driven product recommendations account for 35% of the overall Amazon purchases. That’s huge. Putting the right products in front of your audience at the right time can help you increase your conversion rate and brand loyalty.

Recently, we covered an article titled “How Can AI-Driven Product Recommendations Skyrocket Your Conversion Rate & Loyalty?” 

If you aren’t familiar with the incredible benefits of AI-driven product recommendations, I’d suggest you to hop onto the article and gain valuable insights ☺ 

But – if you are already familiar with the potential of AI-driven product recommendations, my suggestion would be to keep reading to learn how you can fix your eCommerce product discovery with our world-class product – Similar Products.

First, before we gain insights into the amazing features of Similar Products, let’s look at the BIG problem.

eCommerce Product Discovery – THE BIG PROBLEM

The global eCommerce sales crossed the $4.29 trillion mark in 2020. And just like cryptocurrencies, the market has been predicted to keep breaking its all-time highs in the long run.

Millions of eCommerce stores are up and running on the internet. Hundreds, if not thousands, of your competitors are already selling the same products you are. While some may be selling on Amazon Marketplace or other popular platforms, others may have their self-hosted eCommerce stores up and running.

And if you have a self-hosted eCommerce store, you’d want the user experience to be perfect. That’s the only way your consumers will keep coming back for more. Also, it’s the only way you’ll witness an ever-increasing number of store visitors adding products to their carts and purchasing them. 

But – there’s just one big problem. And this problem goes by the name “eCommerce Product Discovery.”

Your audience doesn’t want to spend an hour or two finding the right product for themselves. If they find it too hard to find the right product, they’ll simply bounce off and head over to one of your competitor’s stores.

This means – if they are looking for leather bags for men, your “Similar Products” section should comprise relevant similar (different variations) leather bags for men. Putting completely unrelated products like laptops or tablets in the “Similar Products” section will result in a poor user experience – which is the last thing you’d want. At the same time, your product recommendation engine shouldn’t display “leather bags for women.”

Cortip’s Similar Products not only helps you enhance your store’s user experience but also is action-packed with numerous features.

How Can Similar Products Fix Your eCommerce Product Discovery?

Cortip’s Similar Products is a one-of-a-kind, world-class intelligent eCommerce product discovery tool with long list of benefits, of which some include:

  • Displaying Related Products Only 
  • Takes into Consideration Product Supply
  • Attachable to Any Design

Displaying Related Products Only

If your target audience is looking for smartphones, then our AI-product recommendation engine will display relevant smartphones (budget, type, company, and various other factors are taken into consideration). It won’t put laptops or groceries in front of them – which will turn the consumer journey and user experience a whole lot smoother.  

Here’s a before and after to help you gain better insights:


Takes into Consideration Product Supply

Having out-of-stock items as product recommendations will end up doing more harm than good. Our Similar Products takes into consideration the product supply to make sure that the product items with an adequate supply are put in front of your audience as product recommendations.

Here’s a before and after:


Attachable to Any Design


Our solution is attachable to any design. We don’t want you to change the look and feel of your website or eCommerce store – just so that you can use our product. No – that’s the last thing we’d want. While building our product, we seriously took into consideration – simplicity, and flexibility to help eCommerce stores unlock the full potential of our product without having to compromise on anything.

Similar Products:

  • Does not use its own design. It’s attachable to any user interface.
  • Does not require access to source code.
  • Does not impact the operational part of eCommerce stores.

Similar Products is the most flexible AI-product recommendation tool on the internet. 

Tap into the Full Force of Similar Products Today!

Upon incorporating Similar Products into their eCommerce stores, our clients have been subject to impressive results:


And we’d love nothing more than to help you out. From end-to-end implementation to consistent updates, our AI-driven product recommendation tool will help you fix your eCommerce store’s product discovery, helping you boost your conversion rate, reduce bounce-off rate, grow your revenue, improve user experience, save your users’ time, and ultimately scale your business strategically.

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