Client goal

As an internal project, the aim was to develop a robust engine to optimize search advertising through intelligent synchronization with Google Ads.

Value brought

Adverstorm provides businesses with the ability to streamline and optimize their Google Ads efforts, ensuring efficient budget management, effective marketing predictions, and sophisticated keyword strategy.

Advanced Google Ads and E-Shop Synchronization System

With Adverstorm, we've raised the bar for search advertising. This tool has proven instrumental in deciphering the nuances of the Google Ads system, propelling us to the forefront of ad optimization and synchronization.

Here are some of the standout features of Adverstorm:

  1. Rapid Daily Budget Adjustments: Enables adjustments to daily ad budgets based on a variety of pre-determined events such as conversion rate changes, click-through rate changes, ad position shifts, and competitor bidding patterns.

  2. Effective Spike Predictions: Empowers marketers to make accurate predictions for traffic spikes based on a variety of factors including holidays, weather conditions, pay days, and other key purchasing-inducing events.

  3. Smart Keyword Management: The tool can estimate the value of individual keywords or combinations and suggest new ones based on customer search queries, thus continually enhancing your keyword strategy.

  4. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Integration: Adverstorm seamlessly connects to the client's ERP system, enabling automatic generation and synchronization of ads, keywords, and bidding strategies. This drastically reduces time and resource requirements for ad creation and keyword formulation.

  5. Event Library & Tracking: The system is pre-coded with nearly all measurable Google Ads events, allowing pre-determined actions to be automatically executed with each occurrence, reducing the need for constant manual tracking and adjustment.

  6. Competitive Advantage: Adverstorm enables businesses to encode their unique marketing strategies into the system, which then responds based on market and competitor behavior, providing a significant edge in the competitive landscape.

In essence, Adverstorm revolutionizes search advertising by streamlining operations, enhancing prediction accuracy, and optimizing keyword strategies, ultimately providing businesses with a clear advantage in a fiercely competitive digital marketplace.