Client goal

The client sought to build a platform that could efficiently track vehicles involved in food delivery, car rental, management drives, and taxi services. They needed a high-performance, stable, and scalable solution to handle substantial amounts of data from multiple devices.

Value brought

Our software successfully delivered an optimized vehicle tracking system, offering real-time data, alert systems, and secure communication protocols. The result was enhanced vehicle management and efficient tracking operations for the client's platform.

Advanced Vehicle Tracking System

This vehicle tracking system was designed with a robust Amazon AWS stack and MongoDB cluster to ensure high performance, scalability, and data efficiency.

Key features of the system include:

  1. Efficient Server Communication: The tracking device sends its unique IMEI to the server upon connection, which the server verifies and confirms. This two-way communication ensures that only verified devices are connected to the system.

  2. Device Encryption: The system is capable of encrypting and decrypting packages from FMB120 - FMB140 modules, enhancing the security of the tracking data.

  3. User-friendly Interface: The system includes a modern, fully-featured web interface that is both desktop and mobile-friendly, making it convenient for users to monitor their vehicles.

  4. Live Tracking: Users can view their GPS devices in real-time, with a choice of different mapping options, such as road maps and satellite imagery.

  5. Alert System: The software provides instant web notifications, along with support for email and SMS. This feature enables immediate alerts in cases of harsh driving behavior, fuel and maintenance events, geo-fencing, and many other types of alerts.

  6. Codec 8 Support: The software supports Codec 8, a major FM device protocol used for sending data to the server.

  7. TCP Communication: The solution utilizes TCP, a connection-oriented protocol, for secure and reliable communication between devices.

  8. AVL Data Packet Structure: The system follows a specific AVL Data Packet structure for data transmission, ensuring data integrity and reliability.

By developing this advanced vehicle tracking system, we delivered a robust solution that enhanced tracking operations, provided real-time data, and ensured efficient vehicle management for the client's platform.