Client goal

To build a versatile SaaS platform that allows easy registration serves as a networking platform, assists in human resources, and enables recruitment within the modeling industry.

Value brought

Successfully launched a feature-packed SaaS platform, Model Cat, facilitating connections between models, scouts, international modeling agencies, and photographers. The platform was endorsed by globally renowned brands and significantly simplified the modeling recruitment process.

Creation of a Niche SaaS Model Management Platform

In response to the high demand for photo models and the existing resource limitations, we developed Model Cat, an all-encompassing model management SaaS platform. The platform was designed to serve a multitude of roles, acting as a model application landing page, a marketing tool, a resource management platform, and a networking space for professionals in the modeling industry.

Model Cat, as the Lithuanias first free SaaS model platform, is a reliable source of photo models for photographers worldwide, offering over 2,000 photos daily to its users. The platform was designed with a focus on accessibility, enabling anyone to become a model or find one swiftly and conveniently.

The platform served as a catalyst for business deals with modeling agencies, fostering a significant increase in sign-ups, and acting as a robust human resources and recruitment tool for the modeling industry. The utilization of the platform by world-renowned brands like Vogue Dubai, Elle London, and Supermodels Model Management attests to its effectiveness and the value it brings to the modeling industry.

Through the creation of Model Cat, we successfully improved the modeling industry, bridging the gap between photographers and aspiring models and making modeling opportunities more streamlined and easily accessible.