Client goal

As an internal project, the primary goal was to address the need for dynamic price adjustments in the ever-evolving e-commerce market. The objective was to create a tool enabling e-commerce managers to stay ahead of their competitors.

Value brought

Our solution, Intelliprices, offers real-time price tracking of competitors, empowering e-commerce managers with the insights to make intelligent, informed pricing decisions. This helps businesses to maintain competitiveness and relevance in the market.

Dynamic Price Tracking Solution (SaaS) for E-commerce Businesses

Born out of the understanding of the rapidly fluctuating nature of the e-commerce market, we created Intelliprices, a dynamic and reactive pricing tool designed to keep e-commerce managers a step ahead of their competition.

Intelliprices boasts a suite of features tailored to help businesses optimize their pricing strategy:

  1. Real-time Updates: The tool sends instant notifications about key pricing events in the market, ensuring users are always in the loop about relevant changes.

  2. Automated Price Adjustment: Intelliprices takes the stress out of price adjustments. It automatically updates the prices of your products in line with those of your competitors, thus ensuring that you remain competitive.

  3. Price Change Tracking: The tool generates linear graphics on prices for any product you sell, providing you with a clear view of the cost changes over time. This data enables you to make informed pricing decisions, based on the trends and shifts in the market.

With Intelliprices, we have made it easier for e-commerce businesses to remain competitive and responsive to changes in their market. By equipping them with the tools to make smart pricing decisions, we help them to optimize their strategies and ultimately drive business growth.