Client goal

Huma Ltd required effective alignment of requirements across departments, solid organization of initiatives on their roadmap, and adherence to the company's vision. The challenge also lay in leading large squads and working within a highly regulated environment due to their CLASS 2B certification.

Value brought

I successfully led cross-functional teams, ensuring clear communication and implementation of objectives across departments. I executed robust project management, prioritized initiatives on the roadmap, and contributed to transforming the engineering department with successful OKR implementation.

Orchestrating Technical Product Development in Highly Regulated Environments - Huma Ltd.

The Challenge: Huma Ltd. operates within the complex, highly-regulated domain of CLASS 2B certification. This environment demands meticulous management, rigorous adherence to guidelines, and exceptional leadership skills in coordinating sizable cross-functional teams.

Requirements Alignment and Roadmap Organization: I coordinated across multiple departments, aligning requirements to ensure our efforts were synchronously directed towards common goals. I organized initiatives on the roadmap, aligning them with the engineering department's vision and the company's overall vision, thereby ensuring the strategic direction of the product development.

End-to-End Project Ownership: I took full ownership of the projects, managing requirements, writing comprehensive Jira tickets, and regularly updating development leads on overall status. I worked closely with developers to ensure adherence to the best practices for development and consistency, guaranteeing our products met high-quality standards.

Leading Large Cross-Functional Teams: Leading squads of up to 40 professionals, including backend, frontend, iOS & Android engineers, and QA teams, I ensured smooth collaboration and effective communication. Managing such a large 2 squads required effective delegation, coordination, and feedback mechanisms, all of which I successfully implemented.

OKR Implementation and Department Transformation: In collaboration with the Head of Engineering, I played a pivotal role in implementing OKR within the Engineering department. Many of my proposed and formulated OKRs are being successfully implemented, contributing to significant improvements in the department's operation.

The Outcome: I successfully managed and delivered high-quality technical products while leading a large cross-functional team, ensuring the alignment of objectives across departments, and complying with stringent regulations. These experiences have equipped me to excel in similar roles, providing the leadership, strategic insight, and meticulous execution required to drive your organization's success.