Client goal

The accounting company aimed to move from an on-premise accounting software to a comprehensive cloud-based SaaS ERP system. They sought assistance in improving their development process, defining their product's features, identifying their target user base, and developing a market entry strategy.

Value brought

Through detailed analysis and strategic consultancy, we successfully assisted the client in identifying primary product features, defining the target user base, understanding the market landscape, and crafting a feasible market entry strategy. This intervention enabled the client to realign their resources effectively and continue developing a better product tailored to their identified market.

Strategic Consulting for Cloud-based SaaS ERP Development

The client, a notable accounting company, aimed to transition from an on-premise software solution to a cloud-based SaaS ERP system. They were initially uncertain about their product's key features, target users, market landscape, and market entry strategy. My role as a consultant was to guide them through these critical considerations to streamline their development process and ensure a successful market entry.

Key contributions in the project include:

  1. Defining Primary Features: In collaboration with the client and other executives, we identified the primary features necessary for their ERP system. This helped in eliminating redundancies and focusing on value-adding elements in their software.

  2. Identifying the Target User: I assisted the client in defining their actual users, leading to a better understanding of their needs and expectations. This information was critical in shaping the user interface and user experience of the ERP system.

  3. Understanding the Market: I helped the client to grasp the market landscape, including competitors, potential opportunities, and market size. This understanding formed the basis for their strategic decisions throughout the development process.

  4. Market Entry Strategy: Together, we created a feasible market entry strategy that considered the product's unique selling points, identified market opportunities, and potential challenges. This strategy aimed to maximize their market impact and ensure a successful launch of their ERP system.

My consultancy role significantly benefited the client's project, allowing them to realign resources effectively, and continue with the development of an enhanced product that is better suited to their identified market.