Client goal

The client needed to establish a structured development process, hire the right individuals for key roles, and translate stakeholder ideas into a viable product roadmap and corresponding Jira tickets for developers.

Value brought

Successfully established a systematic development process, built a capable team, ensured production quality, and effectively translated stakeholder ideas into a prioritized product roadmap and actionable Jira tickets.

Streamlining Product Development Process and Team Building - Litesite (Smart Annie Inc)

The Challenge: Litesite (Smart Annie Inc.) was in the critical phase of establishing a structured development process while simultaneously needing to assemble a strong team capable of executing the product vision.

Development Process Establishment: I established a structured and repeatable development process that could effectively adapt to the changing needs of the product and the company. This process included a clear roadmap, backlog grooming, and sprint planning to ensure all stakeholders had a clear view of what was being worked on and why.

Hiring and Positioning: The right people in the right roles are crucial for any successful venture. I undertook the process of identifying, recruiting, and hiring suitable candidates for key roles, ensuring that the team was not only talented but also well-aligned with the company’s vision and objectives.

Production Quality Assurance: To safeguard the reputation and reliability of products, I implemented strict quality control measures. I ensured every product that went into production met our high standards and served our customers' needs effectively.

Translating Ideas into a Product Roadmap: To create a coherent and viable product roadmap, I worked closely with stakeholders to translate their ideas into a well-prioritized product roadmap. This roadmap served as a strategic tool guiding the team on what to work on and when.

The Outcome: By implementing these strategies, company was able to build a highly competent team and establish a structured, effective development process. The robust product roadmap and prioritized Jira tickets ensured that stakeholder ideas were accurately transformed into reality, driving the company's success. This experience has equipped me to guide your organization through similar transitions, ensuring the alignment of team, process, and product with your business goals.