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Meet the elite — only the best of applicants pass our strict screening to join your projects.

Screening & vetting

Rigorious screening

Only the best and most motivated specialists from all over the world manages to complete all screening steps.

Here's some statistic about freelancers success rate to pass the screening process.

CV & Skills
English scheck
Skills assessment

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Our Talent Veto Process

We are committed to granting access exclusively to the finest professionals in the industry. Our stringent vetting process is designed to ensure your ultimate satisfaction as a client, saving you valuable time during candidate screening.

Skills & CV

Applicants submit their detailed CVs and highlight their skills, allowing us to gauge their professional skill set and experience.

English & culture

Recruiters conduct interviews to assess the candidate's English proficiency and their fit with our clients’ cultural dynamics.

Skills Assessment

Candidates undertake technical tasks to showcase their expertise, which we rigorously evaluate to confirm their qualifications.

Identity Check

We perform identity verification through a secure service to ensure each freelancer's credentials are authentic and reliable.

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How Cortip is different

There are other platforms where you can find many freelancers, but here you can pinpoint whether Cortip is the one to go with!

FeatureCortipToptalUpworkA Team
Freelancer screening

Motivation + English + Skills + Identity

Motivation + English + Skills + Identity



Quality Assurance

Utilizes AI for advanced screening, ensuring quality and alignment with client needs

Focus on the quality of talent with thorough vetting processes by humans

Freelancers earn ratings by working with clients

Asks for a CV and verifies on the video call.

Support and Dispute Resolution

Offers a payment protection system and a information for dispute resolution

Provides dedicated support and has measures for dispute resolution

Offers an escrow service for payments, adding a layer of protection and support

Claims to provide support but specifics on dispute resolution are not widely documented

Project Size and Scope

Tailored solutions for longer projects, emphasizing flexibility and scalability

Suited for both short-term and long-term projects but primarily targeting enterprise-sized projects

Suitable for projects of all sizes, though quality may vary widely

Focuses on assembling teams for larger-scale and long-term projects

Client Matchmaking Process

In-depth screening process that includes matching clients with freelancers

In-depth screening process that includes matching clients with freelancers

Client-led selection process with minimal matchmaking

Builds handpicked teams based on project requirements

Service Model Flexibility

Offers on-demand team formation services and a scalable talent pool

Provides a more traditional individual freelancer or team staffing approach

A highly flexible marketplace with a vast array of individual freelancers

Structured as a platform that provides teams rather than individual freelancers

Pricing Transparency

Clear pricing details upfront with no hidden costs

Pricing varies by talent level, and detailed information is not always publicly available

Transparent pricing with service fees disclosed publicly

The pricing can be complex with various factors affecting the final costs

Client Tax

Freelancer rate + 5%

Provides rate, formula not disclosed

Freelancer rate + 3%

...the greater of (a) twenty thousand dollars ($20,000); or (b) the amount that is equal to 3 times (3x) the monthly amount You owe the A.Teamer (“Monthly Comp”) (salary if an employee; fees if a contractor), plus (c) ten percent (10%) of any one-time signing bonus or similar additional compensation. If the Monthly Comp is not fixed, it shall be determined by averaging the first 3 months of the A.Teamer’s Monthly Comp...

Post your job for free, secure top talent, and commit only when you're ready — click to hire the best!

Hire the best!