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Grow businesses by providing the best talent from all over the World

Freelancer Benefits

Freelancers with Cortip access prime opportunities in impactful projects worldwide, enjoy the freedom of flexible work arrangements and benefit from secure payment processes. Cortip's AI matchmaking enhances visibility with clients needing their specific expertise.

Company benefits

With Cortip, businesses gain a strategic partner, unlocking a global talent pool of top-tier freelancers. Enjoy financial flexibility, reduced overheads through tailored, tax-savvy hiring, and advanced AI-driven talent screening for optimal team scalability and efficiency.

From Need to Innovation

Our founder's experience as a management consultant showed him the challenges of hiring the right people for startups. He often needed to find experts in product management, design, and software engineering. This sparked the idea for Cortip: a place where clients could find excellent freelancers, pre-checked for quality. His time working at top freelancing marketplaces, and as a freelancer himself, gave him unique insights. Now he's using that knowledge to help others effortlessly connect with the talent they need.

Primary areas of focus

  • Developers and data scientists
  • Designers and product designers
  • Product and project managers
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We have5000+Screened freelancers